Please be sure to also read our Terms and Conditions.


Where do I start?
Please click on 'Registration' to create a free account. Please check your email for the validation link - once you click on that you're logged in and good to go.
If you already have an account, please click 'Login' to log in. 'My Account' will appear in the menu once logged in.


Once logged in, you can view/edit your personal details, view/publish your listings, show/pay for credits (optional), show/pay for a membership (optional), and apply the premium services (move ads to top, mark highlighted, or mark as Premium). You can return to this user menu at any time by clicking 'My Account'.


Can I trial your service first?
An account is always free, and you can create as many ads as you like within it at no cost. These ads won't display publically, but you stll get to see how everything works. You only pay to publish (make public) your ads.


How much does it cost?
All fees are listed here.


How long do advertisements list for?
Advertisements list for 30 days, with the option to renew.


What are 'Premium', 'Highlighted', and 'Move To Top' listings?
A Premium listing will appear above all other ads on both the home page and in its category for 7 days.
A Highlighted listing draws viewers' attention by displaying with an orange background for 7 days.
The Move to Top option will move an ad to the top of all listings but immediately below Premium ads for one day. It will drop on the page as newer ads are placed.
You can apply all three to one ad in one go for a discount too!
More information and the fees for each are here.


What is a credit pack?
Credit packs are a great way to store credit in your account - a type of pre-pay that can be accessed whenever you like. The credits do not expire and there are no strings attached.
Please read our How Credit Packs Work page for more information and prices.


Do I have to buy credits?
Not at all, but if you are intending to list multiple advertisements - even if spread over several months - then you may find it more convenient to buy a credit pack in advance rather than pay small amounts one by one.


Do credits expire unused?
Nope! And we are happy to refund any unused credits you do not wish to use.


I don't want to spend $10, $15 or $20 - but I would like $x of credits.
That's fine! Please contact us to arrange a customised credit pack that suits you best.


Do I have to pay through Stripe?
We use the Stripe gateway for handling credit card payments online. Payment this way ensures your ad lists immediately without delay. If you don't mind waiting for your ad to appear, we can arrange any offline payment method that suit you.


I don't wish to pay online at all!
No problem! We offer direct deposit, cheque and offline credit card options if you prefer. The ability to publish ads becomes available when funds are cleared. Please contact us to arrange.


Do I have to post a price?
No. If you don't enter a price, the price field will say "Check with seller". Unless you're listing in the garage sale, clearance sale or barter sections (how do you put a buy price on those?!), it may be worth stating a price anyway, to save both your and enquirers' time as well as attracting genuine buyers.


I accidentally selected the wrong category/did something else I didn't mean to!
Not to worry, please contact us and we'll make it right.


Define "mixed, unrelated objects".
Advertisements containing mixed, unrelated objects will either be removed or made inactive until edited appropriately. By this we mean you can't, for example, advertise your alpaca yarn and shearing equipment in the one listing. The sole exceptions are listings for garage sales and farm clearances in the respective categories.


Can I advertise my different coloured yarns/my different hand tools/etc in the one ad?
Yes indeed, because your coloured yarns or your box of hand tools are related items. It's a bit stiff to expect you to place an ad for red yarn and another for blue yarn, one for your saw and another for your hand drill (unless that suits your purposes of course!). Put it this way: if every single item mentioned in the ad and displayed in the photo(s) belongs in the category you place your advertisement under then it is acceptable.


Can I promote my listings externally?
Yes! A group of social media icons display under every ad. You and anyone else can then share with a friend via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Each listing also displays with a prominent QR code.


I can't find my town/city!
Please contact us and we'll add it for you. Don't forget to tell us your region!