Privacy and Cookie Policy

This website is owned and operated by Optimate Group Pty Ltd. It runs in secure mode, as evidenced by the green padlock in the address bar.

Optimate Group Pty Ltd does not sell, lease, or in any other way distribute your personal information to third parties, ever. We respect your privacy as we expect others to respect ours.


This website uses non-personal cookies solely for the purposes of enabling you to log in and use this site effectively as an advertiser - without cookies this site cannot know whom to associate advertisements and payments with during your use of this site otherwise. Casual visitors do not need cookies enabled to browse this site.


This website requires basic information such as a username and general location when creating an account and listing advertisements. This is merely to help both buyers and sellers find each other, and serves no other purpose. This website does not require a full name or street address to be used and does not display such details unless you specifically list these in your advertisements or provide them to enquirers yourself. (Please exercise caution if doing so.)


We do not see your credit card details unless you choose to pay offline with these through prior arrangement. Otherwise, all online credit card payments on this website will automatically go to Stripe, a third party that has its own policy regarding personal details for the processing of payments. We do not see any of the information you give to Stripe for processing your payment.